Support groups

Reaching out to ask for help is a good thing. 

Many of the support groups for tāngata whaikaha and their whānau are provided by people with lived experience--they've already walked the same journey and are willing to find ways to make things easy for you.

It's all right to ask for a little bit of help from time to time. 

There are lots of free, confidential and effective support groups out there waiting for you to say hi, to send an email, or ring their number. 


Cultural support

  • Vaka Tautua delivers community programmes and services for Pacific peoples, especially to older people, those living with disability, and people seeking support for their mental health. 
  • Tōfa Mamao provides assistance and information for disabled Pacific peoples and their families, to relevant and appropriate support services.
  • ILCT Asian Information and Advisory Services provides information and advice in Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean. They can help you navigate the disability sector and provide a range of information and solutions to connect you to your community and supports that promote independence.
  • The Asian Network Incorporated (TANI) is an all Asians community organisation working for the betterment of Asian communities. They run migrant programmes, support groups for Asian parents or social groups for Asian grandparents.



  • Toughlove is a non-profit, self-help organisation that provides ongoing education and active support to families, empowering parents and young people to accept responsibility for their actions and stop destructive behaviours. A small membership fee applies. 



  • If you’re a grandparent raising grandchildren, you’re not alone. Grandparents Raising Grandchildren can help you. They support grandparents and whānau kin carers who have children in their full time care. Membership and services are free.


Young people

  • Sibling support. Living with a brother or sister who has a disability can be challenging. SibSupport NZ support siblings to thrive in their own unique family environment. They have SibShops, SibCamps and Adult Sibling support groups.
  • PHAB provides weekly social experiences for people with disabilities aged 16 and over. Members become an important and valued member of their communities, make friends, and most importantly have fun.



  • Skylight supports people of all ages throughout New Zealand who are facing any kind of tough life situation, but they specialise in grief, loss and trauma.
  • Grief Centre offers a variety of services to assist those who are grieving. They include counselling, support groups, brochures, books and articles.



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