What we do

We provide FREE needs assessment and service coordination (NASC) in the greater Auckland region--from Mercer to Wellsford. We'll find out if you’re eligible to receive Ministry of Health disability supports and services and make sure your disability needs are met throughout your life.

Our service facilitator doing a needs assessment

Needs assessment

  • This is the first step towards identifying your disability support needs.
  • We’ll listen to you and learn about how your day unfolds, who supports you, your strengths and what you want to achieve.
  • The information you provide will help us work out the disability services and supports you can get to live your best life possible.
  • Apply online to find out if you're eligible to receive a FREE needs assessment. Your family, doctor, a social worker or a teacher can also request a needs assessment on your behalf.
A service facilitator with headset advising client about allocated services

Service coordination

  • Service coordination is about choosing disability supports and services that can help you achieve the goals you mentioned during your needs assessment.
  • We'll help you access FREE disability supports and services offered by the Ministry of Health. These are delivered by providers contracted by the ministry. We’ll explore your options together and with your help create a support plan based on your unique disability needs.
  • Once your supports and services are in place, you’ll have a direct relationship with the provider. This means you can tell a provider directly if you’re happy with their service or if you want them to respond differently to your needs.
  • Sometimes the support you need falls outside of our scope, like education assistance or housing. We’ll find out where you can get funding, and if we’re able, we can make a referral to the right agency.
A service facilitator is greeted at the door

Service facilitators

  • Needs assessment and service coordination are carried out by our service facilitators.
  • Typically, you’ll work with several facilitators throughout your journey with us.
  • Your facilitator will work closely with you and the people who know you best. You should always feel that your cultural and personal beliefs are respected whenever you’re working with your facilitator.  
  • Our how we do it page explains more about working with one of our service facilitators.
A confident looking and smiling young woman with Down Syndrome wearing black leather jacket

Our whole of life focus

People experience disabilities at different times of their life—at birth, when they start school, or after an event like a stroke.

Whenever and however you experience disability, we understand that you want to live the best life possible and have access to the same opportunities as others.

We think the best way to support you is to set up teams that are knowledgeable of your disability needs during specific stages of your life.

Our teams

Children and youth

Our children and youth team works with children and young people from 0 to 18 years. They work alongside social and community supports to get a better understanding of a child’s changing disability needs. They look into how families and caregivers can be supported with their day to day lives, build support networks and make plans for their child’s future.



Our adult team works with people from 18 to 65 years. They understand the supports and services needed to help people live independently on their own or with others. They work closely with the person, their family and advocates so they can live a good life with the right mix of support.



Some disability needs become obvious after receiving care at hospital. That’s why we have in-reach facilitators at Auckland City Hospital, Middlemore Hospital, North Shore Hospital and Waitakere Hospital. If a person meets the eligibility criteria, our facilitator will complete the needs assessment and service coordination with them, their family and hospital teams and ensure the person is settled after discharge. Our in-reach facilitators are also available to support current clients who are going into hospital. 



Residential services are available for people who need full time support because of their physical, social or behavioural needs. Our residential team will talk to the person, their family or representative about their options and then offer residential placement that provides the most appropriate care.

We’re funded by the Ministry of Health

We’re a not-for-profit organisation and we’ve been around since 2002. We work with more than 11,000 disabled people and their families throughout Auckland. Our clients are under the age of 65 years.

Our NASC service is funded by the Ministry of Health and like all other NASCs across New Zealand, we refer to guidelines and policies for disability support services set by the ministry.