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  • the latest updates on how COVID-19 alert levels affect your disability support and services 
  • resources and other useful things to do during this exceptional time.  

Please note that all assessments will be done over the phone to keep you, our people and communities safe.

We are available to our community via email, phone and video conference. 


Are you a Maori organisation?

We are a diverse and inclusive organisation and it’s important to us that our workforce also reflects the diversity of the people we support and work with. 


Do you only support Maori people?

We support disabled people of all ethnicities who live in Auckland. Learn more about who is eligible to receive our service.  


What does your name mean?

In Maori legend, Taikura is one of the sons of Kupe. Taikura was transformed into a rock to protect him from being eaten by a sea monster as he swam to the shore. Today, Taikura represents stewardship over vulnerable creatures. 


Is your service for free?

Yes. We are funded by the Ministry of Health to find out your needs, free of charge, and to help you access free Ministry of Health services and supports that can make life a little bit better. 




I’m not a NZ resident or citizen. Can I still use your service?

The Ministry of Health determines who can receive publicly-funded health disability services and supports.


Which area of Auckland do you cover?

We provide Needs Assessment and Service Coordination (NASC) for disabled people in the Auckland region from Wellsford to Mercer.

We serve all the areas covered by three District Health Boards:

  • Waitemata
  • Auckland
  • Counties Manukau


Can you help people with mental health issues and health conditions?

Mental health issues and health conditions are supported by district health boards. Your doctor can tell you more about your mental and personal health support options. 


I have a disability you can support. But I also have other needs outside your scope of service.

You can get a mix of support and funding from different services and government agencies. We can tell you where to go or write a referral for your other needs.


I was offered to receive your service a few years ago and I declined it. I’m ready to be assessed now. What can I do?

As long as you meet the eligibility criteria, we can help you access disability services and supports funded by the Ministry of Health. Send us a referral and any letter from a professional (GP, teacher, social worker, etc) that talks about your disability. A letter will help us process your referral faster. 


Someone told me I can receive support from you but my referral was declined.

The Ministry of Health sets the eligibility criteria to receive disability support and service, and this is consistent throughout New Zealand.

Our who is eligible page explains who can receive our service. You can also call us on 0800 TAIKURA and ask for the Access team to talk about your eligibility.



Support facilitators


What are support facilitators?

Our support facilitators carry out needs assessments and service coordination. A facilitator will be assigned to you and will work closely with you and your family so you can have the best life possible for you.


Can I choose my support facilitator?

When you start with us, we’ll ask if you have any preferences and we’ll try to work around them.


What if my facilitator changes?

Typically, you’ll work with several facilitators throughout your journey with us. If your facilitator changes, all your records will be handed over to your next facilitator. They’ll know the history of your disability needs and you can be assured that your supports will be maintained.


I’m not happy with my support facilitator.

We want to know what we can do to make things better. Please tell us what we’re doing right or if there’s something you want to change. If it’s still not working out, you can raise your concerns with your facilitator’s manager.


Shall I offer food and drinks to my support facilitator during my assessment?

This is not necessary. Our focus is to listen to you, understand your disability support needs and find out if you’re receiving enough support.


Can I connect with my support facilitator on social media?

It’s important that we maintain a professional working relationship with you to ensure that your care is prioritised. All our support facilitators understand the importance of keeping it professional and will therefore not connect with clients on social media.  



Needs assessments


I need an urgent assessment.

Please call your support facilitator if there’s a significant change to your disability needs and they’ll advise the next steps. 


I’m not happy with my needs assessment report.

The information you provide on the needs assessment is completely driven by you. However, our support facilitators will make sure you understand what has been recorded on the report and that it’s an accurate picture of the situation. You’ll have lots of opportunity to review the report and request changes prior to approving it. If you change your mind, please talk to your service facilitator as soon as possible.



Services and supports


What disability services and supports are available for me?

Through us, you can access disability services and supports funded by the Ministry of Health.


How do you work out which and how much services and supports you can allocate to me?

We follow Ministry of Health guidelines, as do other NASCs, in determining the supports and services you can use. However, we’ll work closely with you so your support plan enables you to make the best out of your life.


I have the same disability as this other person I know, but they seem to be getting more funding. Why is that? 

You may have the same disability as someone you know, but the degree of disability may be different or their personal circumstances are different. These details are confidential and influence how a support plan is put together. However, we will make sure your support plan is tailored to meet your unique disability needs. 


I’m not happy with my service and support provider.

We work separately and independently from service and support providers. If you have any concerns about the quality of care you’re receiving, you can raise this with the provider directly or make a complaint through the Ministry of Health.


What if the service and support I want is not funded by the Ministry of Health?

We’ll find out where you can get funding, and if we’re able, we can make a referral to the right agency.



Complaints and compliments


How can I make a complaint or compliment?

Send your feedback on our contact us form.


If I make a complaint, will this affect the service I receive?

Absolutely not. Any feedback will help us improve the way we support you. If you can, please talk to us first and we may be able to sort it out without going through a formal complaints process. Otherwise, you can submit a complaint online.  


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