Where to get other assessments

22 Nov 2023


We at Taikura are unable to provide assessments for:

  • equipment and modification services
  • confirming intellectual disability
  • occupational therapy
  • speech language therapy 

However, we can help you get in touch with the right kind of assessment/assessor that you need, a referral, or talk to you about other related assessments you or your child may need.  


Equipment and modification services (EMS)

The Ministry of Health can support you with equipment and modifications to your home or vehicle to help with your everyday activities.

An EMS assessor can help you work out what you need and how to get it. They can also help you work out if you can get Ministry of Health funding and talk with you about other funding options.

EMS assessors can be occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech language therapists or other hearing and vision professionals.


Intellectual disability assessment 

Ask your GP and any medical specialists you are referred to about intellectual disability assessments for your child. Make appointments quickly as waiting lists can be long. This is a time when you can get overloaded with information, so consider taking a support person along with you so you can recall and discuss new information afterwards. 





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