Travel and transport

Last updated 6 December 2022

Total mobility scheme

If you're an Auckland resident with an impairment, you may qualify for the Total Mobility scheme. Those who are eligible get a subsidised rate (a 50% discount, up to a maximum subsidy of $40 per trip) on contracted taxis for door to door transport, and an accessible concession loaded on a Total Mobility AT HOP card used to pay for discounted travel on public transport.

Here is a list of Total Mobility Taxi operators in Auckland and fares. 


Permanent HOP card discount for Community Services Card holders

Auckland Community Services Card holders can apply online to get a permanent 50% discount on public transport services. Currently, the standard adult fares on public transport are discounted by 50%. This discount ends on 31 January 2023.

But if you have a Community Services Card, you can apply to keep getting this discount from 1 February 2023. You need an AT Hop card to do this. The discount will be applied from 1 February 2023. You can still continue to get the 50% discount that is available on standard adult fares until then. Visit the AT website for more information. 

Getting around

Firstport provides this comprehensive travel and transport and parking guide for disabled people. They also talk about 

  • vehicle modifications
  • funding for travel costs
  • discounted taxi fares
  • mobility car parking and more


Disabilities and driving

Most people with physical disabilities can get a driver licence, and most people who had a licence before they acquired a disability can continue to drive.

Power steering and automatic cars have helped make driving possible for people with physical disabilities. In addition, almost any standard production vehicle can be modified.

NZTA provide options and advice before getting on the road behind the wheel. 


Driving classes

Here's a list of driving classes for people with physical or learning disabilities in Auckland:



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