Whānau Ora: Here for people navigating disability, work and crisis


Published 5 April 2023


Martha is a mother of three boys who enjoy spending their time on YouTube and Facebook. The boys require a significant amount of support to manage their high and complex disability needs, and rely on a network of healthcare providers, therapists and support workers. Without this network, the family would be falling into a state of crisis.

Martha and her husband work full-time to ensure the family is financially supported. Martha shared that they’ve been struggling with their son, George, whose needs are not being met since he left school. He is waiting placement at a residential home of their choice and we are supporting them through this process.

Recently, their basement was damaged by floods and their family computer was destroyed. Their computer was crucial for communicating and managing the wide range of care they require from their support network. They have no insurance to replace their damaged belongings.

Through our Whānau Ora programme, which is designed to support disabled people and whānau with urgent funding, we helped the family access a new computer, table and chair. By taking the time to understand people’s unique circumstances and aspirations, we can tailour our support to meet people's specific needs and help achieve their goals.

If you receive disability support services (DSS) and have been impacted by Covid, or the floods, contact us. We can connect you to government funding and community services to support your overall wellbeing and resilience. Email us at info@taikura.org.nz with the subject line 'whānau ora'.