Whānau Ora: Supporting Natia's aiga to rebuild


Published 20 April 2023


Natia recently shared that her aiga’s main house survived the floods, but unfortunately, the sleepout where her mother stayed was severely damaged. The flood caused extensive damage to the carpets, her mother's drawers, bed and couch. The aiga felt grateful to receive funding from WINZ Civil Defence Payment, which helped them replace their mother’s damaged clothes and buy some food. However, the funding did not cover the cost of replacing the damaged furniture.

Despite their best efforts, they were unable to find immediate replacements for the damaged furniture due to the high costs involved. Through our Whānau Ora service, we helped them access funding to replace essential bedroom items. We also drew on our internal resources, which included items generously donated by individuals and organisations during our flood donation drive. This support was crucial for Natia's family, who were struggling to cope with the aftermath of the adversity.

If you recieve disability support services (DSS) from us, and have been impacted by the floods, or Covid, we can help. We can connect you to the right government funding and community services to support your overall wellbeing and resilience. Email us at info@taikura.org.nz with the subject line 'whānau ora'.