The Big Boost: COVID vaccine boosters are available for you, Aotearoa!


Published 9 February 2022


With Omicron in the community, getting a COVID-19 booster is the best thing you can do to protect you and your whānau. 

During February, if everyone who can get boosted, does, we will help slow the spread of the virus and ensure more of us stay well.  That means those of us who need hospital care will be able to get it.

If you are 18 and over, and it’s 3 months since your second vaccination, you can get your booster now.

If you or someone you are looking after has a disability and you need vaccination support, like accessible information about the booster or help to get your booster in your home, please contact our Tiaki team at or call 0800 824 5872. 

For more information about booster safety and how to get it, go to the Ministry of Health website.