Susiana's story: a family embracing learning and growth


Published 18 May 2023


Her dad also said that Susiana's anxiety levels increased when she started attending school, as she found it difficult to fit in.

Concerned about her wellbeing and ability to adjust in a dynamic environment, Susiana's parents have been actively collaborating with the school to learn new behavioural strategies to support her. After a few years of focused support, the strategies have proven to be effective both at school and home.

Her parents have been investing in extra tutorials with a language therapist, targeting areas such as speech, reading, writing and music to support her development. These additional expenses, coupled with increasing mortgage payments and interest rates, have placed a strain on their finances.

When we asked how we could help, her dad said they would love some support to continue Susiana's out of school literacy programmes.  Through our Whānau Ora service, we helped the family urgently access funding for support gaps that would normally be covered by other agencies. This enabled the family to quickly address Susiana's immediate needs and ensure that she receives timely support. 

As Susiana continues her learning journey, her parents are also focused on understanding their daughter's diagnosis and how to support her best. They had requested additional information about Incredible Years parenting workshop, Autism NZ, Parent to Parent and Child with Autism. They also want to know more about Carer Support and how it could be of assistance to their family.

We feel encouraged to hear Susiana's parents speak about the positive impacts that the collective efforts from her teachers, community and our continued assistance, have on Susiana and the whole family.

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