Passionate about increasing Māori rates of vaccination

Dr Huhana Hickey.JPG

Image: Dr Huhana Hickey

Published 19 November 2021


Dr Hu explains, “Like many out there who is immune compromised, I am very aware of the dangers of viruses.” Growing up on a farm in Taranaki Huhana saw some of her friends develop a range of life long health problems due to viruses for which at the time vaccines hadn't been developed or weren't available. 

Initially as with any medical procedure she was hesitant and decided she needed to inform herself. “Rather than seek advice on social media, I talked to my friends who are doctors and nurses, I spoke to my specialists and then when I was assured of the vaccine, I had it done.” Dr Hu explains that she was relieved the Pfizer vaccine is available in Aotearoa New Zealand, as her research told her that was the safest vaccine around.

She was among the early priority groups to be vaccinated and is glad to see the third primary dose is available for immunocompromised people or people with reduced abilities to fight of illness and infection. She had her third shot two weeks ago and has no regrets. Part of her motivation has been understanding the toll the virus has had on her loved ones and herself, “I have friends who died of COVID-19 overseas; my daughter-in-law’s father died from COVID in 2020.”

Being in New Zealand it can sometimes feel like the virus is something far away. However, it is becoming more widespread in our community. “I did this [vaccination] for those who cannot be vaccinated and for our communities.”

This is a way we can all show we care. For information on accessing the vaccine for disabled people in Auckland contact us on 0800 824 5872, email and like and follow us Facebook.