Meet our PATH and Map illustrators

Collage of our Path illustrators

We recently offered our very first PATH facilitation and we're excited to provide more of this service in the coming months. 

PATH facilitation is typically done by a facilitator who guides the person and their supports throughout the process and an illustrator who graphically depicts the person’s or group’s thinking.

We’re in a unique position here at Taikura because our PATH and Map illustrators come from different teams within the organisation, bringing with them their own expertise and flavour of customer-centrism during PATH facilitation.

For example, Philip is part of our team which determines a new client’s eligibility to receive disability services and supports (DSS).

“When a referrer carefully explains a person’s history, circumstances and gives insight into what could help them live a better life, then it’s easier to determine the best way to engage with them,” says Philip.

“Sometimes I come across referrals that make me think that PATH facilitation would be a great way to support a person realise their goals, especially for those with communication challenges.”

We also have Lisa A. who is one of our administrators. She processes all communications regarding clients and makes sure they go to the right person. She recently participated in of our very first PATH facilitation with a client in residential care. 

"It was wonderful to have a connection and meet the client, their family and support people,” says Lisa. 

“It's a special experience to listen to people share their dreams and goals and to illustrate this is a privilege. I felt a real buzz. I think images are more personal and can be more meaningful and motivating than written words. I hope PATH facilitation helps our client achieve great things."

As one of our longstanding employees, Lisa C. has seen it all when comes to the different ways we can engage with the people we support.

“There are a number of ways to facilitate a discussion rather than a one size fits all. I know that some people are reluctant to share personal information and that the standard needs assessment tool can be intrusive and inflexible,” Lisa noted.

“With PATH, the client can find the whole supportive process quite enticing. By the end of session, they will have a huge visual PATH plan that has clear roles, responsibilities, expectations and a clear view into their future. The people who complete the session can get a great sense of accomplishment and a renewed drive and focus to keep moving forward until they attain their goals.”

And finally, we have Joshua who is also the Youth Facilitator and Digital Coordinator at YES disability. We invited Joshua to be part of our PATH/Map workshops and our on-call illustrator because we want to continue working in partnership with people in our communities.

“I was so excited to be part of the PATH/Map workshops and to train to be an illustrator. I have always wanted to use my skills in art and graphic design to help people in a 'big picture' way that would impact the way they lived their life in a positive way,” says Josh.   

“I’m honestly happy to be part of an organisation on the precipice of a new way of working. It makes me feel very proud and excited for what the future holds for the Taikura, its people and the sector as a whole.”

If you want to find out more about PATH and Map facilitation at Taikura, you can contact our Development Specialist Liz Tohu