Lalaga session: Individualised Funding

Lalaga session part 3.png

Published 26 April 2022


We launched our first Lalaga information session for Pacific families in March and received positive feedback from the people who joined us.

Lalaga is a Samoan term that means weave. Our Lalaga sessions reflect the multiple strands that support people so they can have more flexibility, choice and control in their lives.

For us, the Lalaga info nights are also about connecting with Pacific families and strengthening our relationships with our communities through our work and services.

Our final session will be about Individualised Funding and will be facilitated by our people who are experts in disability supports and services. The Zoom event will have language specific breakout rooms so people can feel comfortable to talanoa in their own Pasifika language. Click here to register for free. For more information, contact

Thank you to the Le Va Faiva Ora Community Innovation Fund for supporting the Lalaga sessions.