Find out your respite options in your community


Last updated 10 March 2024


Whaikaha has compiled a list of respite options in Auckland for disabled people and their carers. 

Respite options can include:

  • asking friends and family to hang out with the disabled person you care for while you take a break
  • employing a support worker to spend time with the person with a disability
  • paying for the person with a disability to do an activity or programme that they enjoy
  • having an overnight break while the person with a disability stays with a friend, family member, support worker or an organisation with skills in caring for people with disabilities.

We can help you get funding for respite and find respite options that will work best for you. If you're an existing client, get in touch with one of our knowledgeable support facilitators by calling 0800 824 5872 or you can send us an email

If you're new to us, you can ask a GP, teacher or social worker to send a referral form for a needs assessment, so we can find out if you can receive respite. You can also complete the referral yourself if you have a letter from your doctor confirming your or your loved one's disability.

For more information about respite services, visit the Whaikaha website.