Check out this new transfer system for people with limited mobility


At the hui, we invited Richard and Alex from Hapai Transfer Systems to demo KERA Sit2Sit, a new patient transfer solution. We constantly look for opportunities to make a difference in people’s lives, and that can mean inviting innovators, thought leaders and other service providers to have a korero with us about the latest technology, innovation, supports or activities that can make life better for tāngata whaikaha. And then we share that knowledge with the people we support, or practice new principles that align with our commitment to bring Enabling Good Lives to life.  

HT System’s presentation received some oohs and ahhs from our support facilitators, who are well-aware of the challenges whānau and carers experience when transferring loved ones with limited mobility. They asked for volunteers to show us how easy and safe it was to use and transfer people with dignity. If you are a disability provider or have limited mobility, visit the HT Systems website for more information. 



Published 4 March 2021