Bayley's story: A helping hand to access vital services


Published 20 April 2023


Bayley had been struggling to access referrals for meaningful services for her 4-year-old son, Ike, who has autism. However, since receiving support from Taikura, she has been able to access quick and efficient assistance. Within just three weeks, she was referred to a speech therapist by one of our support facilitators.  

We also referred Bayley to an Occupational Therapist because of their concerns about Ike's safety during car rides. The OT assessed the need for appropriate equipment and adjustments in their vehicle to ensure Ike’s safety. Without this vital specialist support, the family would not have been able to trial the recommended car seat for Ike, and would have privately shouldered the cost of buying a specialised car seat which can be a significant financial burden. Bayley said their subsidised car seat was a great fit for Ike, and car rides have been safer for the entire family since then.

Bayley expressed her gratitude for our timely help, which made their life easier and less stressful. She praised Taikura for “always being there for Ike, and for being awesome!”.