Activities and programmes for young people with disabilities


Everyone uses their Carer Support funding differently. During the school holidays, we know many whānau use their funding to keep their loved ones happy, active and entertained during the holidays. Another point to remember is that Carer Support is there to enable carers to have a break. 

A few months ago, we spoke to one mother who was so excited that she was able to go away for a weekend. She stayed in a hotel and was able to eat and sleep when she wanted to. She felt at ease that her adult child was well looked after at home with a support worker, whom she paid using her Carer Support funding.

She said, “I felt like a queen,” exploring the city at her leisure. She had not had time to herself in years and had never stayed in a hotel in the heart of the city on her own. “It’s moments like this that gives you the strength to do all the things you have to do when caring for someone.”

We also talk to many families who aren’t sure what they can purchase with Carer Support. While, hiring a support worker for your loved one is a popular option, many of you have found it hard to find the right person to hire. That is why it is good to know there are other options.

Here are three options that our Support Facilitators often recommend depending on your child’s needs:  


For children who are in mainstream schools and don’t have significant needs

There are regular holiday programmes at the YMCA or your nearest Auckland Council leisure centre. You should be able to get them to sign the Carer Support form in order for families to be reimbursed (you will probably need to pay upfront for this one).


For children in special schools (sometimes only for base unit students)

Their specific schools may run school holiday programmes which you can use your Carer Support to pay for the activities.

We have had great feedback from families who have used this service. They are specifically set-up for children with a range of disabilities. They have trained staff and higher staff to client ratios. There are also options for short outings and/or full day or full week outings. This provides children with options of easing them into the idea of attending day programmes. Their website is informative, and costs are clearly stated – a half day programme is around ½ day carer support and $10 but it depends on the activity they are doing. 

Recreate has been so popular that they book out early. So make sure to call them first before making any plans. 


Check out our Information Hub page for a list of places where you might choose to use your Carer Support.

If you have other recommendations, then please do share this with us. You can either tell one of our Support Facilitators or contact the communications team at Taikura at



Published 14 December 2020