Sport NZ

Sport NZ is the agency in charge of play, active recreation and sport systems in New Zealand. They also have a disability plan that guides them on how to partner, fund, and support disabled people in sports.


Special Olympics

Anyone with an intellectual disability is welcome to take part in the Special Olympics programme (this different from Paralympics New Zealand). Special Olympics have afterschool and holiday sports programmes in many areas across Auckland that are designed to meet the needs of people with intellectual disabilities. Their programmes are also highly social and give people opportunities to make friends in their community. They open doors to a wide range of sports and even provide some basics health screenings and services to athletes. 


Parafed Auckland

Parafed Auckland is New Zealand’s oldest and largest disability sport organisation. They lead a network of 15 sports clubs and activity providers catering for 300+ members. They look after all physical disability sport in Auckland, providing pathways and opportunities for beginners, all the way through to Paralympic Champions.


Playing sports with a disability

Firstport talks about the current sport and recreation opportunities in New Zealand. The long and short of it, having an impairment should not be a barrier for you stay active, train and compete in a sport you enjoy doing or would like to have a go. 


Types of adaptive sports

Adaptive sports and recreation are activities that anyone can do, regardless of their level of physical ability. The Wheel Blacks, Sophie Pascoe or Liam Malone are some of the shining examples of people with disabilities who can successfully take part in competitive or recreational sports.

Here's a list of adaptive you can give a go. 


Halberg Foundation

The Halberg Foundation aims to enhance the lives of physically disabled New Zealanders by enabling them to participate in sport and recreation.

They do this by providing grants to enable physically disabled young people to participate in sport and recreation by reducing financial barriers.



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