Preparing for adulthood

Preparing to leave school

Leaving school is an important step for all young people. It can
be an exciting time, and also a stressful time.


Think and plan early 

This Ministry of Education booklet is for parents of young people with special needs and anticipates some of the planning and support that needs to be put in place to help the transition from school go as smoothly as possible.


Programmes and supports

Young people with disabilities preparing to leave school should have access to all the programmes and supports available to all secondary students. Find out more by visiting the IHC website.


Prader-Willi Syndrome 

The Prader-Willi Syndrome Association of New Zealand website talks about how to support your teen towards gaining more independence


Transition expos

Transition expos are held at local high schools or sometimes larger community venues to help disabled students' explore their options after school.

The people who come to transition expos are disability, education, social welfare and vocational service providers who are want to give you clear and the right amount of information to support students and whānau in making some exciting and sometimes daunting decisions.

Check out Disability Connect for any planning for adulthood expos in your community. 





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