New to disability

Last updated 22 Nov 2023

"Where do I start?" 

If you're new to disability, it's normal to feel a bit overwhelmed with questions on how to live your life from now on. 

First of all, no matter the disability, it's entirely possible to live the way you want to live, to reach your goals and to feel part of the community. There are many stories of people across New Zealand who continue to study, play sports, work, hang out with friends, find love, raise families--have normal lives--with a disability. You only have to look around in your community. 

You're first question could be: "Where do I start?" Here is a helpful video created by Firstport for those who are new to disability. 

Firstport is one of many Disability Information Advisory Services or DIAS in New Zealand. The main purpose of a DIAS is to provide information and advice to people with disabilities and their whānau.

As your local Needs Assessment and Service Coordination (NASC) provider for Auckland, we will support your throughout your journey. But we also recommend that you get in touch with your local DIAS to feel more supported as you navigate different kinds of services you can access. 




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