We provide FREE Community Connection Services


Published 10 May 2022


We have more great news about supporting communities with COVID.

We received funding from the Ministry of Social Development to provide Community Connection Services. The service is designed to support any person and families, with or without disabilities, of any ethnicity, to access what they need while they’re isolating and help them recover from the impacts of COVID.

At this stage, the service will support South Auckland communities because they’re most affected by COVID. For people outside of South Auckland we may still be able to help, and if we can’t, we can connect them to someone who can.

The service will run until next year so we have a good amount of time to support people as COVID continues to move through communities.

Here are some examples of what the Community Connection Service can provide:

  • access to food and essential items
  • fund mobile data so people can keep in contact with essential services, friends and whānau
  • support for daily tasks
  • mental health support, or support with family or sexual violence.

Call us on 0800 824 5872 or email info@taikura.org.nz with the subject line Community Connection.