Samoan language week 2020


We can still celebrate Samoan language week safely at home with these fun resources for kids from Te Papa Tongarewa.

Little Learners app helps young people learn some Gagana Samoa word and phrases. 

Here's a headstart:

  • Tālofa lava: Hello (formal)
  • Mālō le soifua: Hello/Good health
  • ‘O ā mai 'oe? How are you? (to one person only)
  • Manuia fa‘afetai: Good, thank you
  • Manuia le aso: Have a great day
  • Tōfā soifua: Good bye (formal)

You can also catch up with some of Tagata Pasifika's collection of stories about our Pasifika communities here and abroad. 


Published 4 May 2020



Young Samoans at the beach