How to use Carer Support and Individualised Funding during the holidays


5 December 2022


For some families, the holiday season can be challenging, both time-wise and financially. Holidays can mean extra planning, finding activities to suit all the whānau, managing carer availability and finding time for the main carer to take a break.

There is more flexibility now when it comes to using Carer Support and IF. For example, both funding can be used to pay a carer for their time, travel, accommodation and meals so they can provide disability-related support. 

They can also be used to pay for activities and items that directly benefit the disabled person, like camps, recreation, Zoo passes, arts and crafts and others. 

One way to be sure that people are using their funding correctly is by reflecting if it’s being used for disability-related support.

If still unsure, the Whaikaha team can provide more information on costs that can be claimed or you can check out our website

If you have IF, your coach can tell you more about purchasing guidelines or you can also go to our website.