Haere mai, Minister Poto Williams!

Min PW visit_cropped.png

Published 24 August 2022


The Minister was interested to hear our thoughts about enabling good lives--the journey thus far and journey ahead. We were keen to share our experience, from our unique position in the system engaging people and families over their lifetimes, and being independent from service provision. 
We said people and their families always tell us that it’s the everyday experiences that matter. Such as getting learning support for a child, finding employment opportunities, having accessible options to get around, being able to find a house, finding support when they’re experiencing hardship and abuse, and acknowledging culture as part engagement. These issues fall under different sectors of the government or systems. We need the whole of government to focus, collaborate and improve the experience for people and their families. 
We talked about our growing partnerships with a range of community groups, multi-disciplinary teams and government agencies, which is strengthening our ability to remove barriers for people, at different touchpoints of their experiences, so they can access the services and resources they need.

We also shared data and how the many intersecting identities and needs of the people we support shape our ability to respond equitably and support people’s resilience.

So pleased that the Minister is keen to listen to many perspectives from our communities. We hope to see the Minister soon!