Covid antiviral medicine are easier to access for more people


Published 30 August 2022


A timely reminder that although Covid community rates are dropping, some of our more vulnerable family members, whānau, aiga, friends and loved ones can get very sick from Covid and find it harder to recover. 

More people can fight off the worst side-effects of Covid with antiviral medicine. According to Government statement:

Antiviral medications can reduce the seriousness of COVID-19 meaning fewer people need to be hospitalised. 

Pharmac are also broadening the eligibility criteria to enable more people from higher risk groups to access antiviral medications.

These eligible groups will be able to access antivirals without the need for a doctor’s prescription. This means access will expand from 2 per cent to 10 per cent of cases.

This will help alleviate pressure on primary care by removing the need for GPs to review every COVID-19 patient that may be eligible for antivirals.

Find out more by visiting the Ministry of Health website.