Community connection: Suyuan's story


Published 25 July 2022


Considering everything they have had thrown at them over the past years, they have managed to get through it the best they can, almost entirely on their own.

Suyuan said she feels exhausted, helpless and alone. We made sure Suyuan knows that we're here for her and her family.

Through our Community Connection service, we provided emergency COVID support with grocery vouchers for her family of six, and extra assistance so they can buy nappies and winter clothes for Erwin.

We checked with Suyuan that their disability supports are still working for them, talked about other ways she can use disability services and connected her with support groups for families who are going through similar journeys.

Let us know if COVID has made it difficult for you access essentials, like food and medicine. We can help you access immediate support or contact other services who can help.

Our support is FREE and available to anyone in Auckland.

Contact us on 0800 824 5872 or email at with the subject line: Community Connection.