Community connection: Enele's story


Published 21 July 2022


Enele flew back to Auckland from Samoa to spend time with his aiga during school holidays. He came home to find all five of his children, including his wife, have COVID. Enele said his homecoming was good timing because he can help look after the little ones and do chores while his wife is unwell.
Looking at their current supplies and how much his family had consumed during isolation, he was worried they wouldn't have enough resources to replenish their food and medicine.
Our Community Connection service helped Enele access emergency funding so they can buy extra food supplies. We also sent them a COVID care park which includes gloves, face masks, hand sanitisers, throat soothers and others isolation essentials. To support his children’s wellbeing, we funded some vouchers for arts and crafts supplies, so they can still enjoy the school holidays.
If you have COVID or have been impacted by it, we can help you access immediate support for essential needs or contact other services who can help.
Our support is FREE and available to anyone in Auckland.
Contact us on 0800 824 5872 or email at with the subject line: Community Connection.