Individualised Funding (IF)

Published 11 September 2022


Individualised funding is a service funded by Whaikaha Ministry of Disabled People. 

Individualised funding is a service where the disabled person receives an annual budget. It is generally used to pay for support workers that would best assist with the priority needs of the disabled person.

The disabled person or someone they trust would essentially become the employer. This means they are required to find, hire, train, and manage the support workers as they understand what the priority needs are.

An Individualised Funding provider, will also be able to help to give advice and support. The disabled person chooses their preferred provider. It is therefore important that the provider is one that best meets their expectations. The disabled person also has the ability to change providers if things aren’t working for them.

There are three types of Individualised Funding that may be allocated; Household Management, Personal Care and Respite. The flexibility of Individualised funding allows the disabled person to choose the type of Individualised funding and disability supports that will improve their life. Respite can also be used to pay for activities including school holiday programmes.

This service and eligibility can be discussed with the local needs assessment agency.

To learn more about Individualised funding, please check out the Whaikaha website.

Please contact us if you have any enquiries on 0800 TAIKURA (824 5872).



Cook Islands Māori - 

Tuanga Moni Tauturu no te iti tangata Tatakitai / Individualised Funding

Samoan - 

Faatupeina Taitoatasi / Individualised Funding

Tongan - 

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