Food support

WINZ food grants

Last updated 13 October 2022

Work and Income NZ (WINZ) may be able to help you pay for food.

  • You don't have to be on a benefit to qualify for this help.
  • You don't have to pay the money back.

If you're struggling to meet other living costs, or if you get an unexpected bill, WINZ might be able to help you, even if you're working.

Food parcel

Getting food and supplies in Easy Read format

Last updated 13 Oct 2022

Everyone should have access to information on how to get food and supplies when they need it.

Easy Read information uses words and pictures that's easier to understand for people, so they know who can get supplies for them and other ways to get essentials.  

Visit the COVID-19 website for the Easy Read format on how to get food support.


Vegetables at a market

Priority shopping for people with disabilities 

Last updated 13 Oct 2022

Student Volunteer Army (SVA) started grocery delivery during COVID-19 and continues to offer help to people needing access to food. They are experienced supporting disabled people with grocery shopping. Visit their online store.

Countdown has a priority online shopping service for older people, people with disabilities, people with chronic health conditions, and people who are self-isolating. 

For New World and PAK'nSave, customers can call 0800 463 996 to ask if their local supermarket takes grocery orders over the phone. Note that grocery service over the phone is not available in all areas.  

Person delivering food

Packed meals, foodbanks and parcels

Last updated 13 Oct 2022

We have a list of services available to you all year round, like charities that provide packed meals, your nearest foodbank and provider of food parcels, so you can reach out to during challenging times.

New World grocery team with bags of food parcels

Food and essential needs support for elderly

Last updated 18 October 

Age Concern Auckland can help organise emergency food support and coordinate other services or equipment required.

If you would like to speak to one of their Community Social Workers, call 09 820 0184 or or email them for a free, confidential discussion.

Elderly woman washing dishes.jpg