Carer Support

Updated 21 March 2023


Who can get it

Carer Support is for the main carer of the person with a disability. It is meant to help the carer take a break from their caring role.


How much you can get

Carer Support is currently set by Whaikaha Ministry of Disabled People at $80 per day. The number of Carer Support days is based on the needs of the carer and the disabled person.

Carer Support days is allocated for a 12-month period and reviewed annually. It does not carry over and must be used within the allocated 12-month period.

You will receive a letter from us telling you how much Carer Support days you will get. Whaikaha also has this information.


How to use it

Carer Support can be used to pay someone else to look after the disabled person, so the main carer can have a break.

Carer Support provides you flexible options on who you can pay to provide support.  For example, you can pay a relative or friend who lives at your same address, and is over 16 years of age, to provide support. 

Carer Support can also be used to buy some items or activities that directly benefit the disabled person.

You can always check with Whaikaha if the service, item and activity you want to buy can be reimbursed.

Please note that you have up to 90 days to make a claim following a payment or purchase.

To make a claim, call Whaikaha on 0800 855 066 to request a claim form.



Carer Support has been used to request reimbursement for the following:

  • Annual passes or memberships to recreation facilities like pools, parks, the zoo
  • After-school and holiday programmes
  • Art and craft materials
  • Exercise and sports equipment


Carer Support balance

Call Whaikaha on 0800 855 066 to find out how many Carer Support days you have remaining.


Some reminders

Carer Support is a payment and may be subject to tax. Contact the IRD on 0800 775 247 or WINZ on 0800 559 009 to find out if you need to pay tax.

You can download Carer Support forms from Whaikaha website at

You can also send your completed claim forms to

For any Carer Support claim queries, please call Whaikaha on 0800 855 066.

Download a PDF copy of our Carer Support fact sheet (42kb PDF).

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Cook Islands - Tauturu no te Aronga Akonokono i te au Tangata Pakipakitai / Carer Support

Samoan - Lagolago mo le Tausigasegase / Carer Support

Tongan - Tokoni ki he Tokotaha Tauhiˊ / Carer Support